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Norton Identity Safe In Norton 360

Hi, how do I go about setting up a login using identity safe which autofills in username, password and postcode as can only currently do username and password.

When I try to log in here: https://www.very.co.uk/account/login.page
 - it will fill in username and password but I can't find anywhere to fill in the postcode box.

Any ideas anybody? Or will identity safe only allow me to do username and password only?



Re: Norton Identity Safe In Norton 360

Also, how do you go about using identity safe to log in your details when you go to webpage to login and that webpage opens up another little box for you to enter your username and password into?

Can only put the web adress of the main login page, not the web address of the box that comes up for login purposes.

Can do it in internet explorer through saving credentials in iexplore but it won't let me do through identity safe in firefox or explorer.

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