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Norton Identity Safe Vault not closing after designated period of inactivity

I have my Norton Identity Safe vault set to close after 15 minutes of inactivity. While in the past, I have sometimes been annoyed by this feature closing too quickly even as I have been using the internet on my computer, I find that with the Chrome browser (since the latest changes to the Norton Identity Safe extension for the Chrome) I find that the vault fails to close at all, even if the computer remains idle for several hours. While I feel reasonably safe as the sole user of this computer, there is definitely a security risk in the event that I forget to manually close my vault and my computer happens to be stolen while unattended. This situation has persisted both before and after completely deleting and re-installing my vault for a completely different reason (now resolved).


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Re: Norton Identity Safe Vault not closing after designated period of inactivity

Most users are complaining of the vault closing too early and too often for them.

Unfortunately, the settings you make for the ID Safe from your Norton Security product do not carry forward to the new browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The only browser that that setting might still work for is IE. 

There are few settings available for the new browser extensions. And what you can set you access through the browser extension. Click on the ID Safe icon on the address bar, and log into your vault. Then click the ID Safe icon again and click the three dots at the bottom right. Then look for settings.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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