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Norton Insight issue since 27 August

For the past couple of days, on both my W 7 x64 systems, Norton Insight background task shows as "Cancelled", it cannot complete. I can leave both pc's idle for 20-30 minutes, no joy, the Norton Insight backround task does not start. NS reports nothing. Idle quick scans and other backround tasks complete fine. I have Identity Safe disabled in Settings and I've noticed also that with version the Identity Safe Maintenance task does not exist anymore under Backgound Tasks.

I can only run manually the Norton Insight task and it completes ok. I'm on version.

It is also reported here: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-insight-fails-run  by another user. Anyone else have noticed something similar??

If a guru is seeing this thread please advise Symantec.

Thank you.




Re: Norton Insight issue since 27 August

Norton Insight issue since v22.   For example, listed with Norton Insight > Untrusted Files


Re: Norton Insight issue since 27 August


Mine also has not run since 8/26 either, neither the scan or the maintenance.


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Re: Norton Insight issue since 27 August

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Re: Norton Insight Fails to Run

Posted: 09-Sep-2016 | 4:04PMPermalink new

Hi everyone,

A Norton product HOTFIX has been released via LiveUpdate to fix this 'Norton Insight Fails to Run' issue.

Patch Targets: 22.7.1 product layout

Reboot Required: Requires a reboot in all operating systems

Product version number: No Change, remains

LiveUpdate Summary: NS/NSBU/NIS/NAV/N360 Product Update

Thanks for your patience and please run LiveUpdate until all the updates are installed, reboot and let us know if this Hotfix fixed this issue.

Original 22.7.1 announcement updated

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