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Norton Insites Results

I ran Norton Insite Program.  I am most concern with is the section that lists Good Files 606.903,700 and Bad Files 428,808,056.  OMG the number of bad files really concerns me. 

How do I deal with the 428.080.056 bad files?  Can they be cleaned them up, can the be repaired, or is there a way for me to them? 

I would appreciate some direction regarding these bad files.

Thank you,



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Re: Norton Insites Results

They're "all" not on your machine.   The numbers are Norton Network
Norton Insight allows the smart scanning of files on your computer. It improves the performance of Norton scan by letting you scan fewer files without compromising the security of your computer.  <link>
Norton Insight provides reputation information about the Files of Interest that are available on your computer.

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Re: Norton Insites Results

Hi, Manny. The info in the Insight field is purely informational. It's Norton listing the number of good and bad files known to Symantec.

If you do an ALL FILES Scan from the drop down all running processes tab, as bjm_ says, you will find that subsequently good known files will not be scanned again.

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