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Norton Internet Security 2009 has been released!

Hello Everyone,

Great News! Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton AntiVirus 2009 have been released!

You can now purchase the 2009 version of Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus directly from Symantec, or download a free trial version. The boxed version of this software will be released at a later date.

If you have a current subscription to Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus, you can update to the latest version by downloading the trial version (Norton Internet Security 2009/Norton AntiVirus 2009) and activating with your current subscription's product key.

Please read the following if you participated in the Norton Internet Security 2009/Norton AntiVirus 2009 Public Beta.

Before you install the released version, be sure to prepare your system for the released version by removing the beta version using one of the following methods:

-    If you created a backup of your system before installing the beta version, please restore your backup. This is the recommended method of complete beta software removal.

-    If you did not create a backup, please remove the beta product using the Norton Removal Tool. While the Norton Removal Tool doesn’t support the pre-release beta product, it can remove the majority of the beta installation.

If you need support for Norton Internet Security 2009, please visit http://www.symantec.com/techsupp.

If you continue to need assistance after contacting Symantec Technical Support, please post your issue on this board.

Message Edited by Tim_Lopez on 09-08-2008 07:26 PM