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Norton Internet Security 2009 Scan speed

Hi all.. first post here.. iv tried searching for my issue but everyone seems to be having the opposite issues.. 
Im running NIS 2009 for MAC OSX latest leopard version, on a Macbook pro 2nd gen 2009 version and when i used to complete a full scan of my computer it used to take a few hours to complete scanning 600 odd thousand files, iv updated yesterday and did a scan today and it took about 5 minutes to do the same job.
I haven't changed any settings on the norton antivirus program and it is set to scan all compressed files. Additionally i have also reset the computer, is this normal or a program corruption of some sort which i should uninstall and then reinstall?



Re: Norton Internet Security 2009 Scan speed

Virus scans will only scan files that have changed since the last time you did a scan. The first time you do a scan it will take a long time because it has to scan everything, but scans after that will be much quicker because we only scan files that have changed. So what you're seeing is normal behavior.


Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

Re: Norton Internet Security 2009 Scan speed

I understand this is normal behavior.. I should have specified that this happened out of the blue after multiple scans at the normal speed and over a few months after i installed it, under these clarified circumstances is it still normal for the norton antivirus engine? for example when i initiate a scan it when viewing the file scan count it jumps from 0 to 2847 of 610,616 at that rate.

Don't get me wrong it is a welcome improvement =) .

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