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Norton Internet Security 2010 / Norton AntiVirus 2010 – NEW UPDATE - Updated May 20th, 2010

Dear Norton Community,

We are glad to announce that we have completed testing our latest inline releases of Norton AntiVirus 2010 / Norton Internet Security 2010 and we are ready to release the patches.

To receive the update, simply run LiveUpdate and download the update. A reboot will be required once the update is applied.

To verify you have the update, launch the Main User Interface, click on Help & Support, and select About. The version number of the new release for Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security will be

The FAQ below tries to answer some common questions:

1. What is the version number for this patch?

The version number is

Please note that all Norton Internet Security 2010 and Norton AntiVirus 2010 customers with a valid subscription will receive this update for free.

2. When will I receive the patch?

As a standard practice, we will be deploying the patch in a phased manner. On Thursday, May 20th, we will be releasing the patch to some randomly selected customers. We will then monitor our telemetry, as well as this forum, for any problem reports or issues.

Once we have confirmed the effectiveness of the patch we will make it available to all customers. We will post an update on the Norton Community Forums when we make the patch available to all customers.

3. How can I manually install these patches?

Norton Internet Security 2010.7 and Norton AntiVirus 2010.7 are currently available only through LiveUpdate to users of the 2010 products. Visit the Norton Update Center to see if you're eligible for a free update to the 2010 products.

4. What are the changes in this release?

17.7 contains many changes and fixes from the previous version. Some of these changes include:

- Corrected an issue where Cloud Scans could be erroneously performed on non-executable files.

- Fixed an issue where alerts from the Norton Product may wake a computer from Screensaver Mode (discussed here).

- Corrected an issue with applying LiveUpdate patches

- Changed the way some IRON information was carried over during an over install.

- Fixed some instances were some users may see a 8920,207 error.

- Corrected an issue where NIS was causing disabled Firefox Plugins to become re-enabled. 

This patch also includes fixes from 17.6, 17.5 and 17.1.

The following issues were fixed in the 17.6 patch:

- Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t be prompted for a reboot after delaying reboot for 1 hour following LiveUpdate.
- Corrected an issue where in some cases the Program Group was left in the Start Menu after Uninstallation.
- Fixed an instance where Microsoft Outlook options were not correct after configuring Norton AntiSpam integration.
- Fixed an issue where “Norton LiveUpdate was unable to install an update” (8920,200).
- Corrected an issue where Early Load would turn on after updating from a previous version.
- Corrected an issue where “The page cannot be displayed” was falsely identified as a suspicious page.
- Corrected an issue where Norton SafeWeb indicators may not be visible on a Google Search in Internet Explorer 8.
- Added full support for Firefox 3.6 (previously available as a separate update).
- Corrected an issue where the Norton Product’s User Interface may open when a program was launched in Full Screen Mode, or when changing Screen Resolution. 
- Fixed an issue where ccSvcHst may have an error during Subscription Renewal.

Also included the changes from the previously released HotFix:

Norton icon does not appear in the system tray after I install the latest updates for my Norton 2010 product or Norton 360 4.0 product. 

The following issues were fixed in the 17.5 patch:

- Fixed issue with Scheduled Scans after performing a Seamless Upgrade from the 2008 version.
- Corrected various instances where ccSvcHst.exe would crash.
- Improved overall performance.
- Corrected an issue where localized characters would be displayed in Security History.
- Improvements to the User Interface when using Netbook Edition.
- Fixed an issue where Outlook Express would switch to Offline Mode when using Norton AntiSpam.
- Corrected an issue where Norton AntiSpam may cause Email headers to parse incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue where a 3040,40113 error may occur after installing the Norton Add-On Pack.
- Fixed various issues submitted through WinQual

The following issues were fixed in the 17.1 patch:

- Corrected an issue with Quarantined files that occasionally prevent upgrading to 17.0 from older products.
- Updated Norton Insight to enhance its effectiveness.
- Corrected a forum reported issue regarding Exclusions and Help information.
- Fixed several licensing related WinQual reported errors.
- Corrected an issue with upgrading from 2009 to 2010.
- Corrected an issue with Firefox 3.5.3 to make sure the toolbar is shown.
- Corrected a Performance UI 1 day view issue so that details are correctly being viewed on the UI when a user selects activities.
- Corrected an issue that could produce a Blue Screen under certain conditions.
- Fixed issue relating to handle leak in ccSvcHst.exe.
- Corrected an issue where the Norton Toolbar was missing in Firefox.

Also included the changes from the previously released HotFixes:

- SONAR quarantines files that are already excluded.
- "Activation not complete: No response received from the Symantec server" when you activate your Norton 2010 Product.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the forums!

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation