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Norton Internet Security Renewal

I have 10 days left on my Nortons Internet Security with Back-up, 10 Licences and if I opt for online renewal the product is approx. £15 dearer than the local UK Computer store. With the Online Norton renewal from their site, it advertises free virus removal. Is this unique to only downloads from their Norton site? 

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Re: Norton Internet Security Renewal


Here is the information about the free Virus Protection Promise


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Re: Norton Internet Security Renewal

If you want to take advantage of the better price, with only 15 days left, you may almost be too late. Go into your Norton Account and turn off Auto Renewal and remove your billing information.

Purchase your product from your reputable retailer and enter the new product key a day before your product expires so you do not lose any time from your old subscription.

If your renewal has already gone through, you can try contacting Norton support and asking them to match the price you have found. If they will not, you can request a refund of the renewal fee and purchase from your retailer of choice.   www.norton.com/contactcs

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Re: Norton Internet Security Renewal

Hi Floplot and Peterweb, thanks for both your replies, when I first purchased the Norton product last year, I switched off Auto Renewal and when I went on to online chat with Nortons they confirmed it was off and I wouldnt be charged automatically this year if I didnt renew. I will be renewing but will be purchasing through Currys / PC World in the UK. However before I do this I will ask Nortons if they can match Currys or even the price I paid last year. 

The Currys version has on its cover 100% Virus protection promise, we will will help keep you virus free or your moneyback. Is this the same as what Nortons Online promise. 

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