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Norton Keeps Removing RIftpatchlive.Exe

So for the past week or so, every time I restarted my computer, Norton decided to remove "riftpatchlive.exe" from my machine. Now, given that this is a REQUIRED file to run Rift, I kinda need it. I have been running Rift from Steam for 4+ years now, and that file has never been a problem, so I'm not sure WHY it is now being removed. I have fixed the problem by excluding my Steam program files from the scan, but I really don't like doing that, because I feel it might put my computer at risk from other potentially shady programs. While it is fixed, I had to COMPLETELY redownload the 24 gigs of Rift as well for NO reason, which I am not pleased about. The file that was being removed WAS NOT MALICIOUS so please do not label it as such.



Re: Norton Keeps Removing RIftpatchlive.Exe

Heur.AdvML.C >> https://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2016-051813-2926-99

>> https://submit.symantec.com/false_positive/

For second opinion choose File &/or Search hash at VirusTotal

For more information > from Norton pop-up > More Details > Copy to Clipboard and/or from Norton history > More Options > Copy to Clipboard > paste.

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Re: Norton Keeps Removing RIftpatchlive.Exe

Hi @Sagerronan,

Thanks for reporting an issue in Norton Community Forum. I have sent you a private message requesting False positive submission details for further investigation. Please check it when you get a chance. 

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

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