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Norton + Lifelock - Reinstallation

Just tried to combine my Lifelock and Norton 360 accounts. Nice agent, offered me a reasonable deal (expiration dates of each don't match of course).

But ... a big deal ... was informed that I had to reinstall all my Norton 360, and completely reconfigure my Lifelock from scratch - because both would now be a new subscription each.

I do not have the days (yes DAYS) to re-do all of this.  Symantec - can't you find a way to keep the old information and just merge the two accounts.  If not, you've lost me as a customer - poof - several hundred dollars per year gone. And it's too bad - I like your products.



Re: Norton + Lifelock - Reinstallation

   Same thing happened to me. I just kept separate accounts, no big deal. Still deciding if I'll renew the Lifelock (I could get only a one year subscription on that)