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Norton - Manager Your Norton Products - Device List

I am not sure if this is the correct place to put this question, but did not see a Forum related to the [Norton - Manage Your Norton Products] website.

I log into the [Norton - Manager Your Norton Products] website - which has three areas: Home, Devices, and Services.  The Home and Devices pages list devices.  The Services page list Services, we have [Norton Small Business] Service with 10 licenses.  From this website I have downloaded and installed the Service on 8 computers.  The problem is the Device list does NOT list several of the computers that I have installed the software on.  I cannot find any way or any information on how to get the computers to show up under the Devices list.

I called support once.  He had me down load and run a program that removed all Norton products off one of the laptop, Next I downloaded and reinstalled the software from the Norton site.  That was a month ago and still that laptop is not listed under the Devices.  I have searched the website extensively and cannot find any instructions on how to use the website device list except for some notes on how to remove devices from the list, click the track can.   But cannot figure out how to get Devices that I have installed the software on to show up on the list.

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Re: Norton - Manager Your Norton Products - Device List

You have to go to all computers and ensure the setting for Remote Management is on.  From the main Norton screen, click on  Settings - Administrative Settings, then be sure Remote Management is turned on.

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