Norton Media Streaming device App

I would like to see a Norton Media Streaming Device App that can be installed on Amazon Fire TV, Google Chrome Cast, Apple TV and Now TV devices.

A security setting for the App should contain lists of connections to the device through "Pairing" "Casting" and "Mirroring"

It is becoming a higher security risk to individuals of media streaming devices, that some unwelcoming people are using deauthorising/cloning/connecting devices, to connect to peoples networks on weaker 2.4Ghz frequencies that offer pairing of controllers and communication devices on smart home networking.

it would also be a welcoming idea for Norton to make an app for Smart Home TV's that protects subscriptions and personal data across standard network protocols.  I run a WiFi 6 router with WPA3 security which works well with new phones and upgraded computers/laptops to keep a secure connection on 5Ghz but the TV struggles with the higher banding and 160Mhz frequency. unfortunately my neighbours are one of them unwelcoming sort that try everything they can to gain access, So my 2.4Ghz SSID is disabled.

I believe there is a market for Norton to design an app to protect devices that have vulnerabilities to attacks of deauthorising and cloning devices which can exploit the 2.4Ghz bandwidth of home personal networks.