Norton Mobile Security loss of WiFi on IPhone

After 5 days of trying to resolve a Wifi issue, I've finally realised that for some reason Norton Mobile security has been added to my iPhone 7.

I NEVER authorised this to be installed on my phone and for this period I had lost all Wifi connections and when outside many apps would not connect to 4G!!!

REASON: Norton Mobile security had enabled the 'Connect on demand' switch in the VPN & Device management area in my phone's settings.

Impact: Norton Mobile security had blocked certain apps, including Whats app, COVID pass app and many transportation apps. Plus Apple decide to update its IOS software to IOS 15.2 and this it downloaded via 4G. NOW its used up all my monthly download allowance.

This is a serious issue for Norton and if there was a process to raise a complaint I would. Its cost me time and money.



Re: Norton Mobile Security loss of WiFi on IPhone

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.