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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Norton Mobile Security shows Important files as PUA in Android 8.1.0!


I have Norton Mobile Security in Motorola G5S Plus.

I update all the apps including Security Patch. Then Run Scan in Mobile Security.

Now I can see Notification in App Advisor as Unusual Behavior from 8 Apps (shows as PUA Potentially unwanted application).

Name of Apps are as:-

1. PacProcessor (Version 8.1.0)

2. Intent Filter Verification Service (Version 1.0)

3. Basic Daydreams (Version 8.1.0)

4. JavaTcmdHelper (Version 8.1.0)

5. LifetimeData (Version 1.0)

6. VpnDialogs (Version 8.1.0)

7. com.android.wallpaperbackup (Version 8.1.0)

8. System UI (Version 8.1.0)

Now question is

1. as user, what should I do about this warning as all these apps are Android's important Apps?

2. As  App Advisor feature in Norton Mobile Security , I can click on 'Trust' for each app. But I want clarification about how Norton detect Android's Important apps as PUA?

3. As I search about PacProcessor & found link What is PacProcessor.apk ?

It indicates that, such apk is important. So get confuse about all the things.

Confusion about

1. Are all my 8 apps are infected or misbehaving really?

2. Is this warning false alarm or real one?

3. Is there any user who use same device with same configuration get same warning or I am the only one?

For reference I attached screenshots.

Please guide me.


Mandar Khire.


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Re: Norton Mobile Security shows Important files as PUA in Android 8.1.0!

Looking at your images, those apps appear to be Android System apps. By their nature, they are going to perform tasks that would be suspect in a regular app. And remember the  P in PUA stands for Possibly. 

Open you Norton Mobile Security, NMS, app and tap on the three bars at the top left and tap on App Settings. Scroll down to the Scans section. Then turn off the Scan System Apps setting. Then go back to the main NMS home screen and initiate a manual scan by swiping down on the page. Then check the App Advisor section to see what is reported.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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