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Norton is more Marketing than Security

Norton has become a company more interested in sales than customer service/communication! The company has too many confusing products. Some with “Plus” or “Ultimate” or “Standard” or “Advantage” or “Deluxe” or “Select” and even “Ultimate Plus”. It is a site full of company shop talk where the customer can only be confused as to what services they actually have and what that service actually does. Only the Norton Staff who deal with the company’s vocabulary flood can figure out a situation. As a retired employee at Los Alamos National Lab (see the movie “Oppeheimer” if you don’t know about that entity) and designed and built web-presence. We were required to keep the site user-friendly, simple (no ultimate, standard or deluxe to add mental dissidence) and never create a “clusterf**k” where complexity overwhelms logic and clarity. Norton has allowed the marketing folks to turn the site into spaghetti intertwined thought instead of clear rational design. Try drawing a flowchart or product diagram of the products->services and you will see a mega-ton mess - that folks at home, sitting in their dining room, concerned about their computer of smart phone security cannot figure out because the design has become too spaghetti. Also your alerts use terms not used in the product schema. Vocabulary consistency is absolutely.



Re: Norton is more Marketing than Security

It is not that bad it is just the number of licens ther is in them