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Norton on Mountain Lion 64Bit error message

Norton is not working on Mountain Lion, I installed trying to solve this issue,but I couldn't install Norton back again.



Re: Norton on Mountain Lion 64Bit error message

Hi MarioBernal,

Could you please provide us more information on this issue - like:

--> What Norton Product you tried installing on Mountain Lion?

--> What happens when you tried installing Norton - If alert message comes - what message it is?

--> You can go through these two web pages for more information on "Norton installation on Mountain Lion"


Norton Product compatibility with Mac OS 10.8.x

Norton Product compatibility with 64 bit Mac OS x Kernel


Let me know If you have any issues


K Ramachandran, Norton One Support Advisor

Re: Norton on Mountain Lion 64Bit error message

- I try to use Internet security 4 Mac Edition provided by Comcast - US.

- I used to have it when I had Lion OSX on my system and it worked without any problem, I upgraded to Mountain Lion and then a message appear on my screen stating that Norton had a problem to load, I decided to uninstall Norton with AppCleaner. When I try to download the software again directly from Norton I was unable to load the installer, it freezes and never installs.

- Now I do not have apparently Norton installed on my MacBook Pro, but every time I turn on my Mac a message shows up on my screen stating: Norton Antivirus Error - Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect cannot run with the 64Bit Kernel. Please restart with the 32 Bit Kernel, then re-enable Auto-Protect.


Re: Norton on Mountain Lion 64Bit error message

Norton Internet Security 4 is not supported on Mountain Lion. Unfortunately our licensing deal with Comcast does not cover Norton Internet Security 5.

Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

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