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Norton Nightmare or ISP Ignorance?

Hey Everybody! I have alot of questions, concerns, uncertainties, issues...that cyclone~  But please ya'll, be nice! I'm new and I know just enough to be dangerous at just about everything!  I am posting in whatever security issues forum that I can find as soon as i hit post now! Thanks

I only have knowledge of what kind of experience there is to be endured when using the particular Norton security product that I have used, which is the basis of this post to the Norton Community.  I read great reviews online about Norton Security so why am I living in a Norton Nightmare?  Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in a Norton product that is provided by and purchased directly from Norton and the Norton security service that is provided by my internet service provider?  (pardon me if I am a bit techno-deficient but I know just enough to be dangerous and Norton seems to be having a field day with it! LOL) 

I am not laughing, however, when I say that my concerns are severe, unresolved, and appear to be totally unconsidered by any level of “support” that I have dealt with over the last few years.  It has been an exhausting experience.  I will need to purchase or make some other arrangements very soon for a stand-alone product for my computer security. *(and services or any other “HELP” for vulnerabilities, updates, scams, all that monkey-shine that a simple, honest person is not privy to.) This Norton product and service has been consistent, thorough and dependable in passing the buck and dodging the bullet!  

So, believe what I read online about Norton Security or Symantec, or is my ordeal ordinary?

Thanks so much for any advice. Grace and Peace to all! 



Re: Norton Nightmare or ISP Ignorance?

Duplicate post that was answered here:


Please keep all responses in that thread.

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