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Norton NIS won't delete from my Norton A/c

I had NIS 2014 installed and received the reminder to renew. I had already purchased a Norton Security key card and decided to go through the process of removal & reinstall put my new key in but noticed the terms for the following years automatic subscription renewal & decided to cancel. I decided to use the Norton Removal Tool to remove my existing NIS and all it's clutter and then install Norton Security via Norton.com/setup. After a few hiccups it installed ok. Looking in my Norton A/c some days after I had NIS still there with Expired on it. The new Norton Security was there as well. Trying to delete NIS by clicking the waste basket icon resulted in a message shown in the  file attachment. I keep getting a sound like a horn intermittently for a few minutes on Start up of Windows. Do I have to uninstall Norton Security with the Norton Removal tool & start all over again. There seems to be some residual files of NIS still there in the registry. Sorry for the long winded description but I thought I best put everything in.

File Attachment: