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Norton not seeing latest backup in backup list

My computer died and I had to get a new one. I have Norton Security Suite and running Windows 10.  The old system had the same software and OS. There are 3 backup files on the external backup drive. When I run the restore it sees 2 files from 2013, but does not see the file from 9/11/2015 which is the one I need to restore from. I have scanned it with Norton and checked the file attributes. It is over 2TB in size, and scan is good. I have been trying to get access to this backup for the last 3 days with no success.  I have hooked up my old hard drive to the new system and it does not see it in the OS, or bios, so I can't get to my files. This is the file I need - G:\N360_BACKUP\{41F50807-7EFC-4E3A-86C8-2384F7579307} Anyone have any ideas on this problem?

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