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Norton ONline Backup


I need some help. I am backing up 3 machines with Norton online backup.

It says that I am out of space.

IN the upper right hand corner it shows

29.26 GB used of 30 GB

The three computers show the following:

Computer 1:

1,883 Files/323.06 MB

Computer 2:

1,099 Files/1.68 GB 

Computer 3:

12,472 Files/16.39 GB 

If I add these numbers up I com up with about 19 GIGS were is the other 10+ gigs going?

How can I find it and get rid of it?

I do not see anything that says Keep X number of versions or anything so what is causing this?

Why do these numbers not add up?



Re: Norton ONline Backup

Hello gohowardtx,

Part of the space also goes to the incremental backups stored. Each backup performed is accessible and available for restore for up to 90-days. You can see those various dates available in the Restore view. If you want the account double checked to ensure there is no quota issue send me a private message containing your Norton account email address and I'll have an engineer check it out for you.

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