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Norton Online Backup - How do I specify that I want to backup all files under c:\users?

The current approach of backing up by file type has left with me with data loss. I lost my laptop and when I tried to recover, I found that too many files were missing because the file type wasn't on your list. I now use Thunderbird for email and it uses a host of file types (.map, .sqlite, .json, .dat. and also files with no file type) and I no longer want to risk losing anything. If I want to exclude a folder after specifying that I want to back up everything under c:\users, how do I do that.



Re: Norton Online Backup - How do I specify that I want to backup all files under c:\users?

Hello Gfried

That info can be found in the online help for Norton Online Backup. Click here to see the specific section you want. Answers to quite a few other common questions can be found in the help file as well located at the bottom of https://nobu.backup.com or by clicking here.

Note you are setting yourself up for a large amount of wasted space and backup errors by proceeding with file selection as you referenced. The below info is from Mozilla's site and is provided as reference only. It's at your discretion to ensure you're selecting all you need since Thunderbird is not a default application in the mail category.

Unless you modified Thunderbird's default settings, your profile (all information used by Thunderbird for your profile) will be stored in the directory (folder) shown below. The default location of your Thunderbird profile folder you want to backup depends on your operating system, and OS version: and that directory contains all the files to backup.

Windows 7 C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird (same as Windows Vista) Windows Vista C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird Windows
2000/XP/2003 C:\Documents and Settings\[userName]\Application Data\Thunderbird Windows NT C:\WINNT\Profiles\[userName]\Application Data\Thunderbird Windows
98/98SE/ME C:\Windows\Application Data\Thunderbird   *** This assumes that Windows runs from the default "C:" drive/partition *** Mac OS X ~/Library/Thunderbird Linux/UNIX ~/.thunderbird

On Windows, note that your Thunderbird profile is located in "hidden" folders. To access hidden folders and their content, you can either copy the path to your Thunderbird profile (and substitute your actual Windows user name), and open it as a regular folder, or force Windows to show hidden folders. (From any folder, choose Options under the Tools or View menu -depending on your Windows version- and choose to show hidden files and folders from the View tab).

To verify where your profile is stored, go to Tools > Account Settings, the Account Settings dialog will open. Select the Local Folders entry on the left (see above for default locations).

In the Message Storage fieldset, there should be a path under Local Directory. Copy the path, and navigate to it. (In Windows, after having copied it, click the Start button, choose Run, paste the path, and click OK.) This is the folder in which your email data is stored.

To back up the folder in which all your profile information is stored, go up three levels, so that you end up in the Profiles folder, of which Mail is a sub-directory. The Profiles directory contains a folder called [blank].default, (where [blank] is an unpredictable string of alpha-numerical characters.)

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