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Norton Online Family for iPod, iPad, iPhone, iOS

I've read several (old) forum threads, but looking for an definitive update on whether Norton Online Family can be used on family member's iPod, iPad, iPhone devices.

I find this: https://onlinefamily.norton.com/familysafety/help.fs?action=installingNSM which seems to indicate only Android is available at this time. Is an iOS compatible product coming soon? How soon?

We license Norton 360 for our family's home networked computers and it is great for Windows PCs. However the cat is already out of the bag and the kids are using iThing devices with nearly unrestricted/unfiltered access. There are a few basic settings in the iOS setup, but easily defeatable. While at home the kids use our OpenDNS account which does some basic web filtering, but when they are roaming outside of the home wireless network, bets are off. This seems like a HUGE market for Norton Online Family. I'd be willing to upgrade to Premium if Norton would offer iOS as a product feature for Premium users.


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Online Family for iPod, iPad, iPhone, iOS

Hi geogherkins,

The team for Norton Online Family is currently working on the update that will support IOS system.  I’m sorry I can’t provide a release date for the update yet.  As soon as I get any news on the release date, I'll post it in the forum.



Thanks Katie

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