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Norton Online Family Not Recording IM's/Breaks Internet Connectivity when blocking

We recently set up Norton Online Family with our Norton Internet Security along with NetNanny. We are having issues with Online Family not recording Instant Message activity, I've made sure that NetNanny isn't recording IM to avoid possible conflict and made sure that all settings are turned on in Norton Online Family.

I also tested to make sure that blocking IM's works and this just resulted in losing Internet Connectivity. Better yet more specifically launching Internet Explorer would result in it freezing up, to undo this I had to log in from my smart phone and change the setting from blocked to monitored to solve the connectivity problem.

Here are the following version numbers for AIM, NetNanny, Norton Security/Online Family and System Information.



Norton Security

--Norton Online Family --




Windows 7 Home Premium N (MSDN)

2 GB Memory

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz



Re: Norton Online Family Not Recording IM's/Breaks Internet Connectivity when blocking

Hi standardsdt,

We don't recommend you have other parental control products (NetNanny in your case) installed on the PC where NSM is installed. Other parental control product could block Norton Safety Minder from retrieving the information it needs.  We would suggest  you uninstall any other parental control product first,  and see the issue is solved or not.  Once you narrow down the issue, you can decide what product to use later.



Thanks Katie

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