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Norton Online Family - Users and New Device

Hi. I purchased Norton 360 on last Sunday, December 16th. I installed it on my 1st pc, which was fine. However, I had my anomalies intalling Online Family, which finally worked on Tuesday, December 18th, it recognized my 1st pc and its users. Tonight, December 21st, I'm installing Norton 360 and Online Family on my 2nd pc. Norton 360 installed without failure. However, can't say the same thing regarding the Online Family. Once installed, it doesn't recognize my 2nd pc, nor its users. I tried installing several times (even uninstalled it to start from scratch), once completed (5th or 6th time), it recognized 3 out of my 4 users I have on this 2nd pc. Furthermore, within my Manage Activity/Devices, on my 2nd pc, it says: "12/21/12 10:43 PM : Norton Family is not running. This could be caused by a problem with the program, or else a user might have shut down a Norton Family component. Please restart the computer. [ERICLESSARD]".


Even my 1st pc is getting this error message, which for working fine before I started installing it on my 2nd pc. Anyway, getting very frustrated and tired. At this point, if this doesn't get fix very fast, I will request a full refund. Quite disappointed so far...


Please help.



Re: Norton Online Family - Users and New Device

Hi trevorcory,

If you log onto your Norton Family account at https://onlinefamily.norton.com/familysafety/loginStart.fs, do you see your second PC listed at Settings -> Profile?



Thanks Katie

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