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Norton Online Manager page, some good and some bad news

If you have more licenses you probably know already the http://manage.norton.com page, where supposedly you can see and manage your devices. It even works - if this is the very first time you install your products. After a session of upgrading some Windows to W10, reinstalling and wiping and whatnot, when I went yesterday to the online page I saw to my suprise a whole bunch of "devices" with cryptic names like "Administrator - Windows 10" (more than one had this name), all online mind you, and absolutely no other information which computer they would be. Later some turned up offline, some became Norton trial versions, all in all a complete chaos.

Like a good paying customer I thought I'd call the online chat to help me sort out what I actually have and if I should worry about the devices marked in red (and where are they coming from). Here's what the support guy told me, as soon as he got out of the canned/scripted suggestions:

The 'Devices' page under your Norton Account is not actually managed by the product. This page is user managed, i.e. managed by the users themselves. Users had asked us to give them an area in the Norton Account where it'll let them edit the names of the devices. So we added this page. However, real time details about licenses are shown up in "Services" tab.
That's how the Norton management feature works.
To be honest it is implemented based on our User's review in Norton community portal.

Yes, please read it again and keep in mind I never edited anything on that page. Based on his saying and the actual situation I can say the following:

  • The good news is that Symantec DOES listen to our comments here in the forum. Go Norton!
  • The bad news is that they hired Bozo The Clown to listen to the community. Or do you have a better explanation?


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Re: Norton Online Manager page, some good and some bad news


Please turn off all of your devices that are in the account. The page should show all the devices as turned off. Then turn on one device. On the webpage, one device will eventually show that it is turned on. Then you can name that device what ever you want. Then go on to the next device When it shows up as on, you can rename that device. It can take a while to do, but that is one way you can figure out which device is which.

If you find more devices there than there should be, just delete the device that shouldn't be listed.

You will also see programs that are old and should show up as deleted, but the old programs still stay on the page. You can't delete the old programs. If one device shows up as a trial that is still active, then check subscription on that device itself. See if it picks up the sub. If it doesn't, then try putting in the key into that device.


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Re: Norton Online Manager page, some good and some bad news

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the effort you put into writing this detailed manual.

As for myself, I chose to simply delete all those meaningless "devices" and never come back to the page. It's simply waaaaaaaayyy too much hassle to maintain things by hand, where let's face it, the NIS software phones home all the time to check licenses so Norton servers know EXACTLY what devices I have active. We're talking only about a very very poor implemented "management" page here (quotes for heavy irony) and by no means I intend to suffer it any further.


Re: Norton Online Manager page, some good and some bad news

I wouldn't be so hard on them, they do what the company internal rules and culture lets them (or asks to) do.

Still, what I would love to see is a ranking of the antivirus providers on the level of user support. There are quite a few with top marks on detection, so I would choose among them the one better listening to its users. But I don't know of any such ranking... my personal experience ranks only two companies and Symantec comes on top of Bitdefender (because it's better, or less bad, whatever).


Re: Norton Online Manager page, some good and some bad news

randomname, no software is perfect so let's get that out of the way, right now !

I have used all three of the big ones. Norton, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender.

By far the best in terms of protection and user support---Norton.

Second, Kaspersky. Good product, good detection, good user forum, but average tech support

Third, BitDefender. Good detections, but very buggy in use. Use forum very average, and tech support virtually non existent.

I use Norton because of the very good user to user forum, which manges to solve most users problems.

Your mileage may vary, but that's been my experience over quite a few years.

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Re: Norton Online Manager page, some good and some bad news

Hi randomname,

FWIW, on the main page of your Norton product, select Help and then ABOUT - the first entry is Device Name - that is the name picked up when you first installed your Norton Product.  I am not sure if that is picked up from the Service or the Device Tab.  In the past, the name entered in Management came from System Info and the entry in ABOUT was recently added.   This might be a way to sort your system names  in Devices (should you change your mind and desire to).

If I were "Bozo", the name used in ABOUT would be the same as the name in Services - both managed by Norton.  However I call of all logic when it comes to updating your system (and Name) when the system is updated (to Win10).


Re: Norton Online Manager page, some good and some bad news

If the "device" name would be the "service" name, wait actually if the "devices" would be these "services" displayed in a user-friendly way, then our discussion here would be moot. Alas, nobody can honestly tell what the "devices" are (although shown in a user-friendly way) and apparently tech support blames the community feedback for the confusion.

You know something? I actually believe you guys, and I think that my tech supporter told nonsense. Because if product management would REALLY listen to community feedback, they would order a fix for that darn Norton Identity Safe for Firefox - broken soon for a year already. And yeah, with much less priority, maybe also organize a fix for this muddle called "devices page".

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