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Norton pestering about buying products, LifeLock, etc

Hello. Is there anyone else out there who is tired of Norton's constant notices about how there are folks lurking out there wanting our personal in

fo? It seems it's Norton who is lurking.  Today is my first post on this 'community'.  They've nailed me as a 'newbie'.  HAHA...  I've been using Norton for around 3 decades. It was an excellent product and has bailed me out multiple times over those 25+ years. I'm growing tired of their constant pressure to get our money by suckering us into buying product after product. This especially happened since they've merged with LifeLock.  Granted there may be those who really do need that product. Perhaps even me. Unfortunately there's con artists in this life and they are talented and deceitful. I'm beginning to wonder if Norton has them on their staff today.  Their products from Norton Utilities to Norton Anti-Virus have long been  priced reasonably until this merger.  They always offered a mail in rebate after every renewal.  Today even that basic product (360) can only be purchased at full price and they have slid in auto renewal to get that money automatically.  Cha-ching!!! What gives Norton?