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Norton, please stop the nagging and leave my browser alone

Hello, I am a long time user of Norton, from the time it was called Norton Internet Security, up until today.

I have free Norton through my ISP. But Norton gave me so much annoyance that I replaced it with a competing solution a few months back.

Now I am using a new laptop with a free trial version of Norton Security, and you keep reminding me of why I uninstalled Norton on my main computer. I have had the trial version for one day and I already consider uninstalling it, even I have 59 free days remaining.

Dear Norton, you drive me crazy and your premium product is intolerable even when it is free. I will take my time explaining the problems.

1.) Norton opens up the web browser with a web page, "Thank you for choosing Norton" during gaming sessions. This web page is offering me several additional services that I am not using.

Seriously, Norton? Do you have any idea of how much problems this can cause for a gamer?

If you want to thank me for using your product, you can do it once and be done with it. But you pop up this web page repeatedly at some weeks intervals. Maybe it is once a month, I'm not sure. But once a month is too much. Once every six months is also too much. You should never interrupt a gaming session unless you have found malware or something of similar urgency. These web pages popping up are terribly annoying even if it happens outside of a gaming session.

I play solo games and I play online games where other players rely on me performing. What do you think I tell them when I return to the game and see that a disaster have struck 20 other players because Norton suppressed my game to the background? They need to know why I suddenly seemed AFK and I tell them the truth. Do you think this makes my gaming friends more likely to choose Norton?

This happens when I run a game in full screen, and it happens when I run a game in window mode. It can happen any time.

2.) Similar as above, but is triggered by opening a web browser. When I open a browser, Norton opens up a tab on the browser saying "Thank you for choosing Norton". And it attempts to push additional services down my throat. This have happened about 4 times in the last 10 hours.

I'm sure having an infected PC can be less annoying (depending on the type of malware of course). I'm not saying it is OK to have malware, I'm trying to make a point if you have not understood yet.

NO THANK YOU. I am fully aware of your services that I am not using: "Norton Home Page", "Norton Safe Search", "Norton Safe Web", "Norton Password Manager". I have looked into them and I have my reasons for not using them. You are not respecting my choices when you keep nagging me about using your other services. If you respect me as a customer, show it by respecting my choices.

"Special Offer Notification" is turned off. I have not found anything else in the settings that might stop the nagging.

I am aware of Silent Mode but I should not have to use it. Silent Mode will suspend background tasks and I don't want to do that, I want Norton to keep doing its normal tasks without thanking me or nagging me about services that I do not want.

My PCs are powerful enough to handle LiveUpdate and even Scans at the same time as I play games, and I want Norton to keep working in the background when I play. I don't need nor do I want Silent Mode because my PC performance is good enough without it. And a game session can sometimes last several days non stop because instead of exiting the game, I go AFK and let the game continue in passive or automated mode. If I were to use Silent Mode, I would need it enabled permanently because it is so easy to forget turning it on or off. It can be set enabled for a fixed duration but I would not know for how long time it would be needed. Norton's Silent Mode is not for everybody.

What I need is Norton to respect my choices.

Thank you.

PS. If anyone knows a workaround to stop this behavior then please give instructions. I'm looking into regedits to block Norton from opening a browser but I have not had success so far. I don't know if it can work.


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Re: Norton, please stop the nagging and leave my browser alone

Curious, whether respects gamer choices. 

Caveat: I'm not a gamer.

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