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Norton Posting of Protection Updates

I just recently got the new version of Norton ( I have had live updates 3 times this morning and it still posts on Norton that my Norton was fully protected (Protection Updates)  as of yesterday's date instead of today's (the 17th).  When will it say current as it has in the past?  I tried to get more Live Updates this morning, but it said none were needed. This happened yesterday too but when I ran an interactive Live Update some were installed , and then it said I was currently protected. How does this work and does the date fully proected just refer to Live Updates? My Norton has the green check and doesn't say my computer is not protected.


Windows Vista, IE9 and using Google Chrome 



Re: Norton Posting of Protection Updates

"Current" is by cycle for your product install.   My main page shows 7/16.  My defs show 7/17
Norton product changes date to Current (Current to date) on cycle time of your product. 
Data by the cloud is always up to date regardless of your local date.
Data on your machine will reflect local date. 
Norton your side will settle in after a day or two.  Norton has to run background tasks and such to settle in. 
So, good practice as you've been doing = familiarize, exercise, observe and allow Idle Time for background tasks.
Under Help (main page) you'll find Product Tour and Product Manual

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