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Norton Power Eraser 1.6 is now available

We are pleased to announce the official release on Norton Power Eraser 1.6. Norton Power Eraser is a stand-alone tool that is capable of removing threats from your system that is not always detected with a traditional virus scan.  If your computer has be infected with Rogue AV,  Fake AV, or another similar  type of threat, Norton Power Eraser can help you remove it.

The updated Norton Power Eraser can be downloaded from this location:



This update features some important advancements in the areas of effectiveness and usability.

Key Features/Changes:


1.  Rootkit Scanner

Norton Power Eraser can turn on additional logging after rebooting the machine to enhance the detection of stealth rootkits. Users are presented a choice after selecting scan from the main UI, to either run the rootkit scan or continue to run a scan without the enhanced rootkit detection.


2.  Configurable Proxy

Within the settings UI, you can enter settings for an external proxy, including the authentication password. This will allow Norton Power Eraser to work with network configurations that use a proxy.

3.   Non-repairable threat flow

In the event Norton Power Eraser detects a file that cannot automatically be repaired, the user will be provided a link to an article directing the next steps for removal.  This article will aid customers by providing any manual steps necessary to remove the threat.