Norton privacy service a "yawner"

I signed up for the privacy service.  What a rip.  I got a notification that my personal information was available on a site called "PeekYou.com". When I clicked remove, the Norton site redirected me to peekyou.com's removal information page. After about five tries at the captcha, the site supposedly removed my information, but I have my doubts.  I can wait 90 days before Norton says I'm "eligible" for another scan.   Norton had no intervention at ALL.  It was all me.  OMG!  But Norton charges for it.  My name is still all over the Internet.  The service is useless. The sites they monitor are a fraction of what is actually on the Internet.  I've been a Norton subscriber for over ten years and I've noticed other than their antivirus product, their services are mostly smoke and mirrors.  There is no privacy on the Internet.  Even Norton can't protect you from that.  The guy who started LIfeLock had his social security number ripped off.  HA!  



Re: Norton privacy service a "yawner"

Privacy Monitor just scans the web and reports back every 3 months to say what it has found on various data broker websites. If you choose to you can then manually apply to the website owners to ask to remove your info.

Privacy Monitor Assistant is an extra charge that will do the work of applying to the websites automatically. Saves you time but costs you extra.

In either case there is no guarantee that the website owners will remove that info and of course they could just create another website with similar info about you. I think it is very annoying but in today's data hungry world this info floats from server to server so good luck with removing it.


How Privacy Monitor works:

  1. View a list of sites where your information is displayed     
  2. See what types of information is being displayed on those sites     
  3. Access quick links to see how to request to opt-out
  4. Track which sites you’ve requested to opt-out of
  5. Visit Privacy Monitor every 3 months to re-run the scan to determine what information is available. 
  6. Why re-visit every 3 months?  Data can be re-aggregated and re-posted on data broker and people search sites, so re-scanning regularly can help you find data that has been added back in.  


Privacy Monitor
Your address and phone number can be easily found on the web. We scan common people-search sites to find your information, and help you request to opt-out.

Privacy Monitor is available in Norton 360 with LifeLock plans:
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sites does Privacy Monitor scan?
  • What kind of information do data broker or people search sites have?

As a NortonLifeLock member with an eligible plan, you can add-on the Privacy Monitor Assistant service and our Member Services & Support team can submit the opt-out requests on your behalf. 


Opt out your personal data from data broker sites using Privacy Monitor Assistant
The Privacy Monitor Assistant feature provides an agent-assisted process to opt out your personal data from data broker sites that have made your data available publicly. 

You can raise an opt-out request once every three months.  So, we recommend that you go to your account to run a new scan and review your Privacy Monitor results to find if there is anything new to opt-out of. Use the information below to run a new scan, review your results and raise an opt-out request.


Introducing Privacy Monitor Assistant from NortonLifeLock



Re: Norton privacy service a "yawner"

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