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Norton Protection still on?

Since I'm signed in, thought I'd ask another question.

Vista Home Premium with Vista Service pack 2

I have both an admin account and a user account with limited abilty to make changes. Alomst always (99% of the time) my family logs on as a user with limited rights to keep things safe. When the monthly Microsoft updates come out, we have it set for auto download and installation very late at night. Thus when we awake in the morninging, the computer has rebooted but there is a prompt on the screen regarding login ( with one of teh 2 accounts)

So during these 6-7 hours after reboot but without a specific user logon, is Norton still protecting?

We have full scan set 2-3 times a week and sometimes it falls on a day when Microsoft updates come and I notice that after logging on the full scan did not happen

So I wonder

1. Why that is

2. If full protection remains on even when no user is logged in?



Re: Norton Protection still on?

Don't worry. Norton is protecting you during those hours
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