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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Rebates and Download

Issue :1 I just ordered Norton Premium (10 User) with a $20 and $40 Rebate. Just like last year, the both ask for the Proof Of Purchase seal from the box when there's only one on each box.  I went on a Live Chat with Norton, took forever, finally the customer rep agreed to have someone call me live within one hour.  It's been 15 hours & im still waiting.

Issue 2:  I decided to go ahead and download the online version of Norton I just purchased with the product key. After the required "restart", my computer screen looks like a jumbled meet of all different types of pictures and I cannot log into anything.

ive been a loyal user of Norton products for well over 15 + years and not only do I receive VERY POOR  Customer Service, now my computer isn't functional.  By the way, I'm very knowledgeable about computer and not a novice.  I maintain all of mine very well, i.e. Windows updates, scan for virus, etc.

Losing faith in Norton lack of response to their customers!



Re: Norton Rebates and Download

Hello Rocknrollrino

Please use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

However just do the uninstall and restart.


Then reinstall your program using this link.


Remember to run Live Update and restart as needed.

If you are using Win 10, please turn off Fast Startup and also please use a Windows Administrative Account.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: Norton Rebates and Download


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