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Norton Remote Desktop

Will Norton ever come out with a Remote Desktop that we can either buy as a stand alone copy and/or integrate with Norton 360? I currently use Team Viewer but would feel safer if it were coming from Norton



Re: Norton Remote Desktop


I fully share your point of view, it would be very convenient indeed. I will use it in particular to help out my old distant relatives.

However, I have the impression that competitors who had this type of function tend to remove it in recent versions of their security suite. Maybe for security reasons?
If this is the case, to limit the risks, access could be limited to PCs with license numbers associated with the same user account?

Perhaps, in fact, NortonLifeLock inherited some patents from the old Symantec pcAnywhere that could be exploited.
But above all perhaps the presence of a company specializing in the subject of remote access in the same buildings in Tempe as the headquarters of NortonLifeLock could promote this ?

Wait and see! ...