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Norton removes Fantasy Ground 2 install upon update

I have Norton Security v.  I can install a licensed version of FG2 from http://www.fantasygrounds.com 

and install the product.  As the installer attempts to update the program, Norton stops the update and removes the installation without any consultation.  This is based on WS.Reputation.1--apparently the update file has been given a "Bad Reputation" rating by "Few Users" among Norton customers.  Can't find out what has caused the program to be deprecated. 

How reliable is this opinion-based rating system, compared to actually finding a malware signature or heuristic issue with the program itself? 

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Re: Norton removes Fantasy Ground 2 install upon update

How old is the file? Usually WS, Reputation flag occurs with new files which haven't received enough/any reputation. I've had it on software updates which are only a few days old.

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