Norton renewal policy

Isn't it time that Norton changed it's pricing policy?  I'm well aware of how to avoid the ridiculous renewal price by turning off auto-renew.  I normally buy a new copy, but, I've noticed this year that Norton have been offering me a renewal at the same price as a new customer buying a retail copy.  Whilst I guess there are some people who can't be bothered to save money I expect most people are doing what I do.  So my question is why doesn't Norton make everyone's life much simpler and remove the renewal penalty so that everyone simply pays the lower price.  It'd save everyone a load of effort and might well gain Norton extra customers.



Re: Norton renewal policy

Only the Norton marketing department can answer this. Norton uses the same pricing scheme that many subscription based services use. The new customers get a discount to entice them to sign up, and after the first subscription period the current retail price is charged.