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Norton reports malicious software; other malware scanners don't find problems


I was using Kaspersky for many years. Now I installed Norton on my laptop, desktops and mobile phones. After installation Norton didn't report any problems on my devices.

Next day I was playing with my mobile phone ("ZTE") and discovered that the option "Analyze system applications" is unchecked. I checked it to activate the option. Now Norton reports that maliciuos software has been found on my phone.

I scanned my prone with all available malware scanners, including Kaspersy, Malwarebytes but only Norton reports problems. No problems on my second mobile phone "Wiko"

What shoud I do?

Screenshots attached. As you can see, Norton reports as malicious 9 system applications.


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton reports malicious software; other malware scanners don't find problems

When you scan system apps, Norton is likely to find what it feels are suspicious apps. Norton looks at the behaviour of these apps to determine if they might be dangerous. By design, a system app has access to the OS in ways that would be considered malicious for a 'regular' app. 

As long as you trust the developer of your phone, you can ignore those detections, and disable the system app scanning.

Other security apps you tried may not have been scanning system apps, which could explain why they did not flag anything.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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