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My website,, has been marked as a known dangerous website by Norton Safe Web for over a month now.  It has been flagged for malware but to my knowledge, there is none there.  This is a Weebly created site and Weebly scans all uploads for malware and has found none.  There are no third party widgets or apps in use.  I have attempted to dispute the status multiple times and have called Norton customer service twice without success in getting a response to why we are labelled dangerous or how to get the status changed.  

Can anyone suggest how I might go about getting a response here and having the dangerous website status removed?  I am at a loss of how to proceed and our non-profit is losing donations because of this issue.  Thank you in advance for any help!


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Re: Norton Safe Web rating

We'll try to call attention: 

The website is currently under review. You cannot submit dispute at this moment = Warning -> Malicious Sources/Malnets 

Dispute submitted successfully = Warning -> Malicious Sources/Malnets 

Norton Safe Web analyzes and rates websites to see how they affect your device.

As a site owner or a site visitor, you can submit the website for the Norton Safe Web rating evaluation.

Please follow the steps below for site rating dispute:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the website you want us to evaluate in the search field and press Enter
  3. Click on "Click here to submit a dispute"
  4. Enter the required details in the form and click on Submit button

Dispute resolution could take up to 2 days and you will receive email notification:

Use this form to submit URL which you believe is incorrectly classified by Norton -
Safe Web URL submission portal -

SafeWeb rating of the submitted website will be evaluated within the next 48 hours:

Site owners

If you are a website owner, Norton Safe Web can work with you to provide a safe environment for internet users.


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