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Norton Save and Restore and Windows Home Server

Call me a belt and supenders (and safety pin) guy, but I have NSR backing up to a spare drive, and Windows Home Server backing up to a spare computer. (Nice OS BTW for those that haven't tried it).

Just a note from the trenches:  These programs don't like each other much. If one tries to back up while the other is busy, there is a failure.  For Example, for several weeks, I kept getting "Backup failed" from WHS.  Details reported "Unable to create shadow volume" (paraphrase). 

I finally realized that my backup time for WHS had begun to overlap with the NSR schedule, and it couldn;t do what it needed to do.

Maybe Symantec and MS should have a chat.  Anyway, heads up for the other folks with both tools running.



Re: Norton Save and Restore and Windows Home Server

Hi kuschner,

I guess I can realize what happened. If one of these backup programs is running in background it denied file access for other programs. (Its like having two antivirus scanner running) If one scans in background for file differences the other one can't have access to these files. 



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