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Norton Scamming

Since I can't seem to get the attention of Norton any other way,

Being scammed by you sending me emails telling me that my 360 protection has lapsed when it was renewed automatically  and the charge shows up on my statement November  5, 2015. When I look up what is covered only two of my four machines are covered, but it shows that the same two machines are not covered. Your help does nothing but show me how I can purchase it again.  The two purchases [Removed] dated 11/11/2014] and [Removed] dated 11/5/2015] have the same product key “” yet your still telling me that I am not covered. I have two other machines that don’t even show up on the what is covered page but they do show up on the individual product page ( If I click on the order number) It worries me that you can’t program to sync your orders.
And this crap with 360 and security plus, just what is the difference? Your company seems to becoming more incompetent all the time, and just concentrate on selling. I worry that you protection is eroding as fast as your customer service, outsourcing to Bangladesh does have its problems

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Re: Norton Scamming

If you look at the main 360 screens on all the computers, does it show the correct number of day remaining?

If a computer does not show the correct days, try clicking on Help - Subscription Status.

Are you sure the emails are from Norton? There are other scam emails trying to get you to renew your Norton Subscription. I have received these myself. Can you post the email address you received the emails from?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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