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Norton Secure VPN prevents login to My account at

Norton 360 and Utilities Premium are on both of my Windows PCs (old Acer laptop running Win 7 Home Premium - SP1   and  new Dell desktop running Win 10).  The browser on my Acer laptop is Google Chrome and on my Dell desktop it's Microsoft Edge (which was on it when new).

When Norton Secure VPN was turned On, I was able to browse the website... but I was Not able to Login to 'my account' at ___ I typed in my email address as usual, and take care of the "I'm not a Robot (reCaptcha)" thing, but when I clicked Login, it only said: "Processing. Please DO NOT refresh the page or go back." ... in white lettering... which then faded away... and it wouldn't go any further.  There were NO error messages that appeared from either Norton or from my browser or from

This same inability to Login occurred with both of my Windows PCs.

However, when I Turned OFF Norton Secure VPN ... I was easily able to Login to my account at without any trouble at all.

I tried changing the VPN (Region) settings from "Auto (United States of America)" to just "United States of America" and that didn't help.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Had Norton Tech Support hear of this problem before?  Any solutions?

(At this point, I'm reluctant to install Norton anti-virus / anti-malware OR Norton VPN on our new Android cellphones because I don't want to encounter the same problem with trying to login to my account at Total Wireless when we're out somewhere far away from our two Windows PC computers... where temporarily turning off Norton Secure VPN is our ''work around.")



Re: Norton Secure VPN prevents login to My account at

Please review:

Websites often block VPN access for legal or copyright reasons.  There is nothing a VPN provider can do to get around these blocks.  Contact the individual web sites to see if they block VPN access.  Many sites do this for legal/copyright reasons.  A VPN service does not block access to any sites.  There is no white/black lists for sites.  Web sites have the right to protect their content.  And sometimes there are legal reasons for blocking access to users from a different geographic location. (credit peterweb)

Why would you want to hide your location from a wireless carrier that knows you, that knows your phone's location?
Maybe, Total Wireless is trying to protect you from bad actors trying to access your account.  
What's Total Wireless say? 
In my experience.  Retailers want to provide localized webpage content. 
IMO Total Wireless wants to know your true location.  
Maybe, trial other VPNs if you want to hide your location from a phone carrier that knows your phone's location. 

Certain websites that depend on identifying users for legal purposes (think PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, etc.) have to be able to locate a user based on their IP address. If a user commits fraud that may be the only way to ensure a resolution can be created for the victim.

By blocking VPNs these sites can ensure that if something nefarious happens on their platform, they can try to do something about it.