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Norton Secure VPN protecting Netgear Router etc.

Has anyone installed the Norton Secure VPN into a Netgear Nighhawk Wi-Fi Router to protect all devices?

I currently use expressVPN to protect my Android NVDIA Shield Apps ...BUT IF I put it through the Router, I reduce the download speed by half! This is hard wired Ethernet cable as well.......I was wondering if anyone has experience of using it and any pitfalls found?

Please advise!





Re: Norton Secure VPN protecting Netgear Router etc.

Norton Secure VPN cannot be installed on a router. It is only coded for Windows, Android and iOS devices. 

If your Netgear router comes with a VPN solution it is hard coded in the firmware, not an installed app. If connection speed is reduced with the VPN active, that is somewhat normal, as resources are needed to encrypt and decrypt the data as it leaves and returns to your systems. So as a user, you have to decide if you need the extra protection or the download speed.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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