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norton security

I currently have Norton Security with Backup, and I need to either renew my subscription or purchase new. Is Norton Security Premium the same as what I currently have?  It looks like the current promo price to purchase Norton Security Premium is way cheaper that what I would be charged to renew, but I can't find my renewal price anywhere on the Norton website.



Re: norton security

Hi, murph. Premium is the same as Norton Security with Backup. The products have been renamed.


I suggest you shop around for a good price from a reputable vendor, if you decide Premium is the one you want.

Symantec often has specials depending on region, but it's often better value bought retail or online.

However if you like the deal you've seen, go for it !

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: norton security

To find out what it will cost to renew, click on renew on your main Norton Security screen. Follow through the pages until you see the price offered. Do not click on any buttons to purchase and you can just close your browser.

You might also want to check you do not have Auto Renewal set up for your subscription in your Norton Account at   https://manage.norton.com

Click on the Services tab and click on your current subscription. Then look for the Auto Renewal options and be sure the feature is turned off.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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