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Norton Security

Is Norton Security replacing Norton Internet Security?



Re: Norton Security

Yes -- and Norton Antivirus and Norton 360 .... although you can still update the definitions on them all and you can renew them with Norton on line or by using a key from one of the Norton Security range although Norton 360 requires a key from Norton Security Premium (known before as Norton Security with Backup).

However if you use a new key to "renew" one of the earlier ones you may only get the number of devices that can be activated that you had on the earlier version and not the larger number you might have on the Norton Security key .... I'm not absolutely sure about all this bit so ask if it is critical. And of course using a new key, rather than renewing on line with Norton, wipes out any unused time so don't use the key until just a few days before expiry -- and remember to cancel any automatic renewal you had on the old product or Norton may still bill you.

So ask if you have any questions.


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