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Norton Security

Hi, Just about to renew my Norton Security, I would appreciate some help, I can purchase this product from a major UK  Retailer NORTON Security 2018,Premium- 1 year for 10 device, for approx 30% less than buying  from Norton who are advertising their Norton Security premium for 10 devices, but it is a 2019 Version. Are the products different?


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Re: Norton Security

Hi agh55:

No, they're the same Norton Security (NS) Premium product.   Norton used to include the year in their product name (e.g., Norton Internet Security 2012) back when they released major product upgrades in September of every year but they haven't done that for a few years and now just refer to the version number found at Help | General Information | About, even though some retailers still use the old naming convention on their web site that includes a year.  If you have a Norton v22.x product you will automatically receive updates for the latest product version (currently Norton v22.16.4.15 for Win 7 and higher OSs - see the 12-Feb-2019 product update announcement <here>) via LiveUpdates as long as you have an active subscription.  If you have Settings | Administrative Settings | Automatic Download of New Version enabled you will also be automatically upgraded to Norton v23.x if a major product upgrade is released while you have an active subscription.

If you have a product key from a boxed product you purchased from a retail store, just wait until the day before your current Norton Security subscription expires and then enter the new key in your Norton interface at Help | Account Information | Enter Product Key. This should automatically start a new 1-Year (365 day) Norton Security subscription.  If you have days remaining on your current Norton Security subscription they will be lost when you enter the key manually this way and you will have to contact Norton Customer Support via Live Chat at https://www.norton.com/chat and ask them to transfer the days remaining on your "old" subscription and add them to your new Norton Security subscription.
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Re: Norton Security

In addition to lmacri's information. If you are going to make a new purchase rather than allowing your Norton to renew, be sure you go into your Norton Account and ensure that Automatic Renewal for your current product is turned OFF. You might also want to remove any billing information from the Account to ensure you do not accidentally get charged for anything.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Norton Security

Imacri, thanks for your help, purchased my Norton Product from a UK retailer and the Norton Help Desk transferred my remaining days.

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