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Norton Security AntiSpam / Outlook 2013


Has anyone noticed that the AnitSpam plugin no longer is marking junk mail as read when moving it from Inbox to junk email folder? Additionally, the unread email counter on the junk folder never resets, it shows the number of messages in the folder as unread - no matter what.

Norton Security is fully updated, Office 2013 is fully updated, and Windows 10 Pro X64 is fully updated.

Tried selecting all messages in junk email folder (i.e. CTRL A) and marking as read, doesn't work

Tried selecting the junk email folder itself and marking as read, doesn't work.

Tried selecting an individual message in the folder and marking as read, doesn't work.

Anyone else seeing this, or have ideas on how to fix this?



Re: Norton Security AntiSpam / Outlook 2013

Turn Anti Spam off, download Mailwasher, and then you can review your emails on their server, and only download the ones you want.


Windows 10 Home X 64 Norton Security Premium Current

Re: Norton Security AntiSpam / Outlook 2013


I use Outlook 2013 to put the Spam into the Junk Folder. I definitely wouldn't want to read Spam emails. I do glance over what is in that folder, but after several years of using different versions of Office, I leave Outlook to catch any Spam coming into the email Inbox.


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