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Norton security defragmenting ssd not trimming

Norton security is defragmenting ssd not trimming even though it uses the built in windows disk optimizer. I noticed this when I switched to the windows optimizer after starting disk optimizer in Norton Security. I thought Symantec would have sorted this by now!



Re: Norton security defragmenting ssd not trimming

Disable 'Disk Optimization' under Task Scheduling and disable 'Idle Time Optimizer' under Administrative Settings.

No, Windows is not foolishly or blindly running a defrag on your SSD every night, and no, Windows defrag isn't shortening the life of your SSD unnecessarily. Modern SSDs don't work the same way that we are used to with traditional hard drives.
Yes, your SSD's file system sometimes needs a kind of defragmentation and that's handled by Windows, monthly by default, when appropriate. The intent is to maximize performance and a long life. If you disable defragmentation completely, you are taking a risk that your filesystem metadata could reach maximum fragmentation and get you potentially in trouble.


Defragmentation of SSD Drives in Windows 8: What exactly happens


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