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Norton Security Delux / Norton Utilities

NIS Deluxe has Norton Utilities as a package and after I installed Utilities all seemed well as it cleaned up the file system.

A day later I lost my working files and couldn't open my electronic diary because Utilities had deleted them.

I managed to recover them from an earlier backup ok and then I uninstalled Utilities never to see it again.

If the software had been released for testing these problems would have been sorted out as we used to do a few years back. There is no way I will install it again.




Re: Norton Security Delux / Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities is a rather old program rather than one that needs to be tested. Although, there have been no updates to Norton utilities since before Win 10 was first released. So in effect, it has not been tested on Win 10, except for testing that it would install.

Some of us here think it is on its way out.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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