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norton security deluxe version 3.0 / - licenses

I recently found in an online store norton security deluxe 3.0 antivirus. I want to find out if there is a difference between it and norton security deluxe version 22 which is now the only version available for download from the norton site. Can I use a NS 3.0 license to activate NS 22?Thank you.



Re: norton security deluxe version 3.0 / - licenses

Hi alexdima,

I will admit I am not familiar with Norton Security Deluxe Version 3.0/ however what I have been able to find online about it appears the product is for MAC - not PC's. 

NS Deluxe Version 22 from Norton is in fact for MACs/PCs/Mobile devices.

My guess is that a "for MAC only license" will not activate the product from Norton.

Also while searching I found Version 3.0 also appears to be only a European Region license. 


Re: norton security deluxe version 3.0 / - licenses

Thanks, anyway I would like a more precise answer from a norton expert if possible.

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Re: norton security deluxe version 3.0 / - licenses

I'm not a Norton expert so, take my reply for what it's worth. 
Some online stores used v2.0 and now may use v3.0. 

There is no difference. 
Norton Security Deluxe v3.0 installed & updated = Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security v22.x was first released in 2014
Norton Security v2.0 last year = 2014 + 2 years
Norton Security v3.0 as deemed by online store = 2014 + 3 years

I asked an online vendor last year why they use v2.0 and was told because v2.0 is on the box.
I asked Norton Official Support last year why online stores used v2.0 and was told v2.0 was equal to v22.x once installed & updated.  

Personally, I'd like to see year.month.x designation for example...2017.9.x etc.  Just me.

Please Chat with Official Norton Support to verify license & for any license query.

Please post link to online store showing v3.0
Please deal with reputable vendor.

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