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Norton Security Online Management Account Not Updating

When I open the link to manage my Norton accounts, many of my devices are not updating and are displayed in orange with a message that reads:  "Issue found."  The "Click Here to Fix" button doesn't seem to do anything.  How do I resolve these issues so that all of my devises display "Your Device is Protected"? 



Re: Norton Security Online Management Account Not Updating

Hi there,

The workaround could be renaming your devices. Hit here to read details. Meantime, plz check:

  • your Norton subscription status on the problematic devices
  •  the Date setting

If your issues persists, you may removing those devices from your Norton account - here're the tips you may need. Re-add your devices later.

Added: You may REFER to the below img:

Remember to restart your system several times until all of the changes take effect as expected.

If the above options do not fix your issue, plz run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool on those target devices > (Added:) update using LiveUpdate; optionally, disable fast startup if you're running Win8/Win8.1/Win10 on those devices > restart when ready > re-add those items in your Norton account later.

Thx and luck! :)

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Re: Norton Security Online Management Account Not Updating


You images are of an outdated Norton Management, although the "trash can icon" does exist on the newer version and serves the same purpose.
The KB's also appear to apply to the old version of Norton Management. - I will notify Norton that they need to be updated.


Have you looked at each installation of Norton on each system and clicked on the FIX Now on each of the system's Norton Installation instead of within Norton Management.

Also please ensure you have Norton Management enabled within the Settings > Administrative Settings.

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