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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Security Premium, Norton Security Standard, or trial??


Yesterday I purchased Norton Security Premium for one device.  This is what my email receipt said:

Product Information
Norton™ Security Premium for One Device

Product Key: XXXXXX
Serial Number: XXXXX
1 year protection for 1 device
Subscription Service with Download  –  Qty: 1
Supports Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®, iOS®, Android™
Includes Norton Virus Protection Promise..

When I visit the Manage Your Account page and select the Services tab it displays the following information

Norton Security Premium
Expires on 5/19/2017
Product Key [Removed]
Serial Number [Removed]
Purchased Storage 2 GB
Benefits Include: Norton Virus Protection Promise

Manage My Installs
1 of 1 seat used
Device Name    First installation    Remove License
Simon'sLaptop    5/18/2016    
Storage 0GB of 2GB used

So far so good.  When I select the Devices tab in the Manage Your Account the following information shows up:

Simon-Windows 7
Last online less than 1 hour ago

Services Installed
Norton Security

The inconsistencies are throwing me off.

The device name in one area is different than the listed device in another area. In one place it is using my computer name (changed in the info above) while in another area it is using what appears to be a label assigned by Norton.

The service listed in the Services and on my receipt as Norton Security Premium while under devices it is showing as Norton Security -Trial

I located the product on my computer.  It calls itself Norton Security with Backup (another alias).  I opened this product and clicked on help then subscription status.  It shows the following:

Subscription: Norton Security Standard Plus
Status: Expires in 366 days
Renewal: You are not enrolled in Automatic Renewal. Renew Now
You can manage your Norton subscription here.

The inconsistencies between the information is a little confusing.  It would be great if everywhere I looked the information regarding my device name, product name, and subscription (trial vs full current subscription) were giving me exactly the same information.

Everything seems to be working okay but that "trial" message is really the main issue that undermined my confidence that this product is correctly installed.

Any help appreciated.



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Re: Norton Security Premium, Norton Security Standard, or trial??

Hello Simon

Norton Security Premium is good for up to 10 devices.

Norton Security Standard is for 1 device.

Norton Security Premium is also known as Norton Security with Backup. That is the only one that has the backup feature.

Where was this purchased? It can take some time for the status of manage.norton.com to get caught up.

The main thing is which product did you purchase and if you paid the correct amount.

If you purchased this in the Norton eStore, then please contact Customer Support by using this link.



Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: Norton Security Premium, Norton Security Standard, or trial??

The differences between the Services tab and the Devices tab is something that many users are having difficulty understanding. Norton has been made aware of this problem with the web site. The Services tab is the one that is most accurate and up to date.

If you are really concerned, you can make changes to the devices on the Devices tab. If you want to do this, we can help you further.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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